Saturday, January 28, 2012

Picture Perfect Room, progress report #2

Nope, not done yet but she's coming along!  Wanna see a before shot?  Are you sure, it's scary.

Isn't it welcoming?  I have been following so many amazing blogs,  many that have these gorgeous entrances that are white and bright.  I yearn for that fresh, white, beachy entrance way!

Here's the stage we are at now ...

It's taking a little longer, there is tons of caulking to be done and another coat of paint.  The entrance bench that I have been working on needs a little more distressing and a coat of wax.  We have hooks to go up under the shelf and also there are blinds that need to be installed.

Previously the windows looked like this ...

I had "shopped the house" and reused these white sheer panels to cover the windows, you know, to get that breezy tropical look.  Can't you just feel the warm tropical breezes ummm, cold wind now?
I picked up some very cheap reasonably priced blinds on Friday, they are just white vinyl slats that I will eventually replace with white wood blinds.  I don't like the look of the tops of most cheap lower priced blinds so I made valances with fabric I picked up a while ago.  Geez, talk about being resourceful since I don't have a sewing machine.  I used fabric glue ... I was high on fumes yesterday!

I ironed the edges
Then glued and stuck down, I do love how fast this works, so much faster then fabric tape.
I added dimes to the bottom corners to add a little weight.

Then I attached the rings to the tops.  The final reveal will have to wait til completion of the room.
I also made one pillow cover in the same fabric and using fabric glue, I have one more to make.

Here is the beginning of a painted sign, this is a cabinet door from Habitat which I am painting 
with ASCP Louis Blue.

It will be going up on the shelf and the arrow is actually facing in the direction
of the nearest beach.
So here are the components that have been worked on, stay tuned for final room reveal.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Progress Report on my Picture Perfect Room ...

Confession, I really hoped to have this done by now.  Boy life gets in the way!  I took a week vacation and got sick so didn't accomplish much that week.  Then I'd  hoped we could tackle the project this weekend but then Frank got sick.  I just could not go back to work tomorrow and have another weekend with nothing done so I'll show you what I did get done.

The project is our entrance porch.  I believe the entrance of a home reflects the energy of it.  Given the current condition of our entrance it's no wonder I feel scattered, confused and unorganized!

There is an open coat rack in the entrance which I have disliked since we moved in.  The goal is to paint the paneling, remove the hanging rack, replace with hooks, create a bench to sit and put shoes on, declutter and accessorize.

Last year we picked up this sturdy coffee table at our local 2nd hand store, it's going to make the perfect entrance bench.

Isn't it pretty - NOT!  but I have a vision.   I cropped this photo so you wouldn't see ALL the mess but I think you get the idea.

Last week Frankie took the doors off for me and filled the holes where the hinges were.  Yesterday I gave her a quick sand to remove some raised areas I'm assuming were caused by slight water damage.
Then the painting and personalization began ...

That's it for the progress report, the bench needs to be distressed, waxed and toned still.  I'm also really hoping we can get the paneling painted this week and put the hooks up.  Have a great week!


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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Word of the Year ...

Sometimes the moments or things that just "happen" in our life are the ones that have the most impact.

I read Layla's post on her Word for 2012 and I thought ... oh, that's a good idea, but I don't have the time or energy to think of a word for myself.  I let it go after that.

I had been noticing posts from other bloggers with their Words but I really had no intention to come up with a word for myself.

I know I want change in 2012, I know I want to be more creative and accomplished this year but I don't need a Word for that ... Do I?

Monday night our internet kept acting up and I decided I really wanted to do something creative.  So I decided to whip up a little sign, nothing special, more of a quick little project.  I had a piece of wood that already had a base coat of paint on it so I thought I would use it.  I painted a word on the sign, once the paint was dry I distressed it (a little too much if I do say so myself) and then I gave it a coat of clear wax.  Then I put the sign on the kitchen counter where it stayed until tonight.  I looked at the sign from a distance and  felt the white lettering was too bright so I decided to tone it down with some dark wax, then I took a quick pic with my iPhone and I sat back down. Yes, I'm a little slow to "get it" some times.  I glanced back at the sign and realized ... OMG!!! That's my word.  Little ol me has a WORD!  I belong!  I'm not lost.  What is my word ... INSPIRE.  What better way to achieve all that I want.

I was INSPIRED by all of you to actually wake up and participate in this Party!
I hope to INSPIRE others by achieving my creative and physical goals this year.
I am INSPIRED by so many amazing women, and this year I will acknowledge each and every one.

I'm INSPIRED to take better Pictures! (grin)

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm joining in with Donna @ Funky Junk in her commitment of 2012 change

I have been dreaming for a long time about having a business of my own where I can hone my creative side while creating things that people will love.  I have a passion for signs and painted furniture.  There are a lot of very talented furniture upcyclers online, and they have motivated me to stop dreaming of starting something and Just Do It!

We recently completed step one in the process which may seem small to some but it was a big step for us since it was not something we had really planned for at this time but it was necessary.  I mentioned in my last post the purchase of a new vehicle (to us).  Whenever we needed to pick something up I was arranging to borrow a vehicle from a friend but it just isn't convenient to do all the time.  So we purchased a 2007 Volvo XC70 which gives us the space we need and it also turned out to be a dream care of both Frank and I that we had never really confessed to each other until we found "the" car.
That's Step 1 Complete.

Tomorrow I will layout the additional steps and process on them.