Sunday, August 12, 2012

2012 the Year of Change

2012 will be a year I remember forever!

I haven't posted lately and haven't worked on any projects for a while.  Come Fall I will have lots to share! I want to take the opportunity on this post to update the year so far.

The end of March we said good bye to our best friend and companion Buddy.  We've had Buddy since he was 3 years old, he was a rescue dog.  The term rescue dog is often misinterpreted, if you choose to adopt a dog from a shelter they will spend the rest of their days rescuing you
Buddy the miracle dog was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer in 2005 and we were told to take him home, make him comfortable since he only had about a month left with us.  I use to love burying my nose in the fur on his head when I hugged him, I know it sounds odd (especially to people who find dogs stinky) Bud had a perfume scent to his fur. No really, he did.  We can learn so much from our dogs, Buddy didn't know the vet said he had a month left to his life so he lived 7 years after being diagnosed.  He was good most of the time except for the occasion flare up of whatever was going on in his bladder.  If I had a dollar for every time Frank wanted to give Bud a special treat like ground beef with his dinner ... Frank would say "he's not well you know!"  haha! 

We miss you Budman, you will always be in our hearts!