Sunday, December 19, 2010

The end is in sight ...

We have almost finished our current projects, and it's so exciting to start seeing the end result.  It's kinda like our Christmas present to ourselves.  It's really beginning to feel cozy.  On my last update I asked for opinions on hats or no hats for our kitchen chandelier, I took your guidance and picked up some hats for the chandi!

So to recap, here is the original light ... Fancy Boob Light ... Yep, found a pic!  I think I will take this baby to Restore, someone will like it (won't they?)

Here's the new Chandi prior to party hats

And here she is all decked out ...

Thank you everyone who commented, not only does it look good, it casts a much nicer light with the shades.

Also on my last post I gave you a preview of our faux brick, Frank had applied drywall mud to the wall to create the bricks.  This weekend I tackled the bulk of the paint job,  I'm going to give it a break over the holidays then add a little more detail later.

Right now there are presents to wrap, family to visit, eggnog to drink and turkey to be eaten.

To recap here's the before

 During ...


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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Progress Update, and I'd love your opinion ...

Our home is open concept so it's hard to take pictures of updates when we are working on both the kitchen and living room.  Frank has been busy working away while I'm at the office, we're almost there!
Here is a quick peak at the Distressed Kitchen Cabinets, I will apply a coat of Minwax poly to the finished cabinets.

Next, Frank has been working on the faux brick.  I have not been able to capture any action shots since I have been at the office while he's creating.  He is applying drywall compound to the walls then carving out the brick, these are not perfectly straight bricks, we wanted something that was going to look more rustic and old.  Here is the wall with the drywall compound applied ...

Painting of the brick and shelf are on the agenda for this weekend.
Here is the shot of the fireplace and the wall.

It will be so different once the painting is complete, here is the before again

Here's where I need your opinion, last week I mentioned a deal I got on the Home Depot website for a chandelier.  We put it up on the weekend, it's smaller then we imagined but we are OK with it for now. (It's so much better then the Boob light).  Here is a pic.

 I just realized I never got a picture of the Boob light while it was up, I have to get a shot of it before it goes to it's new home ... where ever that may be.  It's actually a Nice Boob light as far as they go, just not my preference.  So my question is .... Shades or No Shades?  I took a shot with one blue toile shade on it, I'm just wondering if the light is too small for shades.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Treats and Traditions

What I love most about Christmas is gathering with friends and family.  A festive gathering is not complete without the wonderful food prepared with love.  My sister-in-law Cyndy bakes some of the best Christmas treats.  There was one chocolate goody that I think was called a Buried Cherry (chocolate covered cherries).  Imagine a group of adults sitting around the table after dinner, some wine had been consumed and we were now enjoying our coffee and treats, there had to be 3 or 4 conversations going on, I asked Cyndy what the name of the treat was I was eating but I couldn't hear her answer with all the conversation ... long story short this treat ended up being nicknamed Halle Berry Buried Cherries by the end of the night (I guess you had to be there).

Best of all are the family recipes and traditions that get passed down.  My Stepmother Norma is of Polish heritage and cabbage rolls are served with Christmas Dinner, it's not Christmas Dinner without cabbage rolls!  Also, sausage meat in the stuffing is a must for me.  It was a favorite of my Dad's too, I think it may have been the only recipe he ever asked my Stepmother to change ... he had to have sausage in his stuffing.  I've known families who put bacon slices on their turkey breast while it's cooking and everyone would fight over the bacon slices when the turkey is ready.

I've only cooked Christmas dinner a few times, Frank and I enjoy our Christmas dinners at Norma's or my sister Kim's house.  I bring the potatoes ... it may not be gourmet but at least the dinner hostess doesn't get stuck peeling potatoes on top of everything else.

Here is one quick little Christmas sweet that I whip up almost every year, it's fairly common, it's White Chocolate Almond Cranberry Bark.  It's soooo simple.

16oz White Chocolate Chips (2 packages)
3.5 oz sliced Almonds
1 cup dried Cranberries


Chop Almonds

Place Almonds in Skillet and Toast, this can be done in the Oven too (I just forget them sometimes in the oven and burn them ... Stinky!)
Put White Chocolate Chips in Bowl and microwave for 2 minutes at half power

Continue to toast almonds, remember don't burn them!

Take Chocolate out of microwave and stir

Add Cranberries and Stir

Add Almonds in and Stir

Spread Mixture thinly on parchment lined cookie tray then put in the fridge to harden

Break into bit size pieces

Taaa Daa!  See, isn't that easy!  Yummy Too
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's a White Christmas this Year!

We've gone White this year!

We wanted a smaller tree that would fit on a corner table in the Living Room, with all the painting and decor changes we are making right now we thought a white tree would look really great.

Here's a shot that Frankie took during the day today with his Blackberry ...

I took a couple of quick pics this evening but I haven't mastered the camera settings yet

The room is a bit of a mess, Frank is working on the faux brick and I still have to finish off the kitchen so I will post a shot later to give the whole effect of the tree in the room.

Here's a close up. Hmmm, I better go back and read Donna at Funky Junks Photo tutorial.  Can you believe I work at a Photo Studio?  No I don't take the pictures, that's evident in my photos.

I'm happy with the tree but I think it will need some tweaking next year, I may have rushed the decorating a little.  As Frank says the tree's hips are out of alignment, I didn't do a very good job of "fluffing" the tree before decorating.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Toner applied to the Upper Cabinets

Just a quick update tonight to show you the toner on the Upper Cabinets.
It's coming together!
I ordered a chandelier from Home Depot online to go over the island.  It was half price. I love a deal!
Even better, we be able to get rid of the "Boob" light in the kitchen.