About Me

 Thanks for stopping by, my name is Joanne, I live in Pefferlaw, Ontario with my partner Frank and our puppy Molly Brown.  This blog has been an evolution, it started as a DIY home decor blog and now is about all the things that make me happy - Painting Furniture & Signs, DIY, doggies, health & wellness, acknowledging & appreciating others, Real Estate, and small business success stories.

Where did the name Muddaritaville come from?

I picked Muddaritaville as it reminded me of a fun time from my past -  I was recently separated and had decided to have a girls weekend at a home my Ex and I owned in Huntsville, Ontario.  My married name was Fitchett and we called our country home Club Fitchett.

How Mudd-arita-ville was  born:

  • I didn't want to start my new single life still calling the home Club Fitchett 
  • I was known to enjoy a Margarita (or 2) on the weekends
  • Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville was my anthem
  • my maiden name is Mudd - yep!  my name is Mudd!
  • I'd decided to go back to my maiden name 
So I thought "Hey!  I will call the place Muddaritaville!"

We had so many laughs on that girls weekend so I have fond memories of that time and the name.  I didn't completely reconnect with the name and feeling until recently listening to the audio version of Kody Bateman's book Promptings,  Kody speaks of Margaritaville being your happy place.  That's it!  My blog will be about all the things that make me happy and I will call it Muddaritaville!

Welcome to Muddaritaville - My Happy Place!