Thursday, September 30, 2010

Addicted to other Blogs, Faux Beams and Shower Curtains ...

OMG!  I have been spending so much time reading other blogs that I have neglected updating my own.
Things are going slow with the updates here at "Just a Cottage Small" but I'm hoping to take a few days off work so I can concentrate on giving the house some TLC.
I've been testing some painting techniques with the intention of creating a Faux Wood Beam.  I'm not sure if I will follow through with this look but here is the start of one look (I added some overall graining after this pic was taken but the camera battery died)
I'll keep you posted on what we decide to do,  I tested a few other finishes last night that mimic barn board but I'm not sold yet.  The only other progress we've made is coming up with the final colour scheme for the Kitchen along with some great cabinet transformation ideas thanks to Frankie.  We are going to use paint from Caromal Colours for the Kitchen in Wisteria and Colonial blue.

Oh, I almost forgot ... I finally found a shower curtain for a great price ... $20!  We had a white Terry cloth one and I found it too bland.  I couldn't pin point what was bothering me but once I hung the new curtain I realized since it is a small bathroom everything reflects back at you through the mirror, now there is some interest/pattern in the reflection.  I am just posting a glimpse of the curtain as there is still work to do in the Bathroom before the "reveal".

Til next time!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pics of a completed projects

On yesterday's post I mentioned a couple of small projects we had completed so far but I didn't have a chance to post any photos.  I should know better ... a picture's worth a 1000 words.

So here you go Annette <grin>

This is the gate out of our backyard that leads to the forest trails ... Bambi lives back there!

Just another view of the fence (the wood fence was already here when we moved in)

The wall colour will change (one day).  No I don't hang my clothes by colour ... is that a bad thing?

Alternate view of closet organizer.

Transformation, Change, Morphing, Renewal and the organized space

I am inspired by change and the people that are able to see the beauty in everything.  It can be taking a home that is a diamond in the rough and making it shine or someone who beats the odds and transforms their health or financial future.  This is what gives me fuel and motivation.  I feel I am going through this in many areas of my life right now ... Frank and I are inspired and motivated to transform our home to a space that gives us pride.  I don't know if anyone can relate to this but if my space is messy, not organized or not decorated to my liking I tend to feel unmotivated, I will sleep more, I lie down on the sofa or I will retreat to the bedroom to watch TV.  As soon as my home is clean, shiny, organized and decorated my energy increases, I sit up on the sofa, my posture is better, I am more productive.  I enjoy cooking more in a clean organized kitchen.  Call it Feng Shui or whatever you like but environment is critical to energy ... do you feel the same way?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lots of projects on our DIY list ...

Frank and I have been inspired by all the blogs that we have been reading lately.  One of my favs is

We spent last weekend brainstorming on colours, and treatments for our livingroom/kitchen combo.  Stay tuned for some before and after pics.  I wish we just had a week that we could concentrate on completing the work but alas we need to go to work to earn the kibble.

When we first moved in there were a few things we need to take care of right away.  First was a closet, we were all over the map at first ... Ok, I was all over the map because I didn't want to spend much money until all the "move" bills came in.  It's a good thing we didn't spend too much because we were hit with a closing fee that we were not expecting.  We ended up putting up a Rubbermaid closet organizer on a wall in the master bedroom and to keep costs down we put up a Ikea kvartal ceiling track and used drapes to hide the clothes.

The second project and largest expense was a fence for Buddy.  When it comes down to it, it's all for Buddy ... the house, the yard, the fence.  We ended up with a black chain link since we were not looking for privacy just a way to keep stray Critters out and Buddy in.  I was amazed how quickly the fence went in, the crew arrived around 8am and they were gone by 3pm.  We are so happy with the way it turned out since we back on to a forest and the black fencing blends right in and does not obstruct the view of the forest.  We even had a gate installed so we have access to the forest trails from our yard.  We had a couple of other unexpected purchases which I will share in my next post.

Buddy Budman

Saturday, September 4, 2010

We are home!

Our Cottage in the Country
In June of this year we finally became home owners again.  It took us a while to find a "cottage like" home in good condition within commuting distance to Markham, Ontario (just north of Toronto).  We looked at many homes on cottage roads and even though our must have list was short, many of the homes we looked at were lacking 1 or 2 key items ... laundry, septic system, closets or storage space.  What they did have were slanting floors, holding tanks, nosy neighbors (Miss Pinky), one or two had amazing lake views but homes were too small to live in.  It started to get discouraging but in the end we found our piece of heaven 10 minutes from the lake with a 100 x 150ft lot.  Following are a couple of interior pics from the day we took possession.

Living Room