Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fresh Brown Eggs Sign

Our neighbour across the street sells eggs. This week I noticed a sign at the end of her driveway that was written in pencil "Brown Eggs for Sale".  We've had a couple of really good rain down pours this week, so last night I noticed that the pencil is washing off her sign.  I was ready for a new creative project so I decided to make her a new sign.

As usual I kinda rushed this so I have to let it "cure" before giving it a poly protective coating.  I want to give it to her right now but it won't stand up to the elements.
I started with a cabinet door that we picked up at ReStore, I painted it with Caromal Colours Reclaim in Latte (I'm going to paint our kitchen island in this paint).  I should have let the paint to cure for a few days before doing anything else but no no, I had to do this today so I only let the paint dry over night.  I used transfer paper to copy the words onto the cabinet.  I then started to paint the words in white.  I used what I had on hand for brushes and really should have gone out to purchase a new brush.
After I painted the words in white I added a rough drop shadow to the letters in black.  I also painted a couple of eggs to the sign but they kinda look like potatoes, then I sanded and distress the sign and rubbed on an antiquing glaze (these are the steps that the base paint should cure before doing).

I'll keep you posted on her reaction when I deliver the finished sign.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Picking a colour for our front door ...

Ever since we moved in last year I have been contemplating what colour our front door should be.  Initially I was thinking of a brick red or burgundy tone, I've always wanted a red door.
I thought we could match the color of these chairs I found on Kijiji last year. I tend to like a consistent color pallet throughout a home, our gas stove is burgundy so we do have a couple of hints of this color inside the house.  I noticed the paint is starting to chip on these chairs so I'm not opposed to painting them to match a new front door colour.  Last week I was inspired by Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl) and her post on paint and color    I love so many of the door colors in the post.  I decided to consult with Brittany and get her input on our front door, I did limit Brittany by asking her to pick an Annie Sloan Paint Color, I really want to paint the chairs out using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint so why not use it on the door too!  Following are some of her recommendations, I'd love your input on which one you like.

I look forward to hearing your input, and click here for your own color consultation from Brittany.  Now if I could only get her to come here and build me something <grin>.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

This home exudes Rustic Charm!

I don't believe there is a 7 step program for Real Estate addicts, and if there were I'm not sure it's an addiction I'm ready to part with.  Besides, half the battle is admitting to it. 
A couple of weeks ago I shared a Riverfront cutie that in my dreams I was sure would be ours!  Well it's been SOLD.  No one can accuse me of brooding over it.  Not me!  I'm movin on Sista!! 

How bout this beauty for a mere $859,000?
Usually I look at a listing and start thinking about what I would change to make it "ours".
I didn't do that here, I'd even love some of their furnishings with the house.
This black and white is a Before pic, this home is a conversion of a 1930's Stone Stable.
Come on in, I'll take you for a tour ...
Just look at these gorgeous distressed front doors, the finishing of them is perfection!
As is the rest of the house.
Welcome to the Kitchen with Commercial Fridge, oak beams, 11 foot ceilings, and heated flagstone floors.  Wait til I show you a close up of that counter!
Is that not perfection da bomb! (had to resort to thesaurus since I have used perfection already, can you believe "da bomb" is in the thesaurus? so is "the bees knees" and "cat's meow")
Can you imagine a crisp sunny Fall day with the leaves changing to a bright orangy red, you're sipping coffee at this table (with one of your blogger friends) there's a fire in the hearth, your tootsies are being warmed by the heated flagstone floor and you have an  apple pie cooking in the oven.  Pure heaven!
Would you like to sink into this leather sofa and watch a movie?
Do you love the entertainment unit?
Let's move outside ...
Can you imagine curling up with a good book in this gazebo?

After all that coffee you may want to stop in here before your drive home.
Oh, and the garage has a workshop with a 900 sq foot loft/studio above.  I'm imagining painting furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in here ... what would you do?
Thanks so much for visiting and sharing another dream home with me.
I know I said I wouldn't change a thing but it could use the addition of some Dirt Girl gardens out the front ... don't cha think?