Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm in an Ebay bidding war, how high should I go?

I've recently been on the hunt for an antique hanging store/kitchen scale.  I thought it would look good hanging over the kitchen sink.  
Here's what it looks like
I have not bid on a lot of items on Ebay (I've always gone for the "buy now" purchases)
I went about this the wrong way and started bidding when there were 5 days left to the auction. There is another bidder who wants it just as much or more than me.    We have taken the price from $10 up to the current bid of $36 (not my bid).   There are 2 days, 7 hours and 52 44 minutes left in the auction.  I finally decided to relax and let it be.   I will wait til Monday night at 6:30 pm and as I watch the count down I will zoom in at the last minute and scoop it up. That's if I remember and get home from work in time.
I have no clue what a good price is for one of these ... does anyone have any advice for me?

** Feb 28 Update:  Thank you for your advice on this, I just checked the current price and another bidder is now involved in this auction the price is up to $45 so I think I will walk away.  I have to consider the shipping price on top of the purchase and I don't think I am that in love with this scale. There will be more scales in my future now that I have put the desire out there.  I will add to my list for the local antique shops ... Hanging Scale, Ball Mason Jars - Blue, Chenille Bedspread in good shape, and much more ...


Sunday, February 13, 2011

I've been a little distracted lately

Wow, I have been a delinquent blogger!

I will be celebrating a milestone in May, my 50th Birthday is approaching and as I count down to that day I have been reflecting on health and lack of fitness.  With my focus on this fast approaching day I have been making some changes and I have started a blog on that journey.  You can see my updates
at my other blog

On the home front, we are trashing updating some of the reno's that were in process, we are giving the brick a lighter finish and I may go over the kitchen cabinets to remove the aging toner but I will wait and reserve judgment for the completion of the brick.  I hope to have some pics for you on that in a week (or 2)

I have been following all of your wonderful updates which are inspiring!