Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm in an Ebay bidding war, how high should I go?

I've recently been on the hunt for an antique hanging store/kitchen scale.  I thought it would look good hanging over the kitchen sink.  
Here's what it looks like
I have not bid on a lot of items on Ebay (I've always gone for the "buy now" purchases)
I went about this the wrong way and started bidding when there were 5 days left to the auction. There is another bidder who wants it just as much or more than me.    We have taken the price from $10 up to the current bid of $36 (not my bid).   There are 2 days, 7 hours and 52 44 minutes left in the auction.  I finally decided to relax and let it be.   I will wait til Monday night at 6:30 pm and as I watch the count down I will zoom in at the last minute and scoop it up. That's if I remember and get home from work in time.
I have no clue what a good price is for one of these ... does anyone have any advice for me?

** Feb 28 Update:  Thank you for your advice on this, I just checked the current price and another bidder is now involved in this auction the price is up to $45 so I think I will walk away.  I have to consider the shipping price on top of the purchase and I don't think I am that in love with this scale. There will be more scales in my future now that I have put the desire out there.  I will add to my list for the local antique shops ... Hanging Scale, Ball Mason Jars - Blue, Chenille Bedspread in good shape, and much more ...



Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

Hi Jo ~ I don't know what this is worth but I guess it's worth as much as you are willing to pay. I will tell you that I've had frustrating experiences on Ebay as some people have a computer program that places bids and does so right at the last second where there is no opportunity to place another bid! Good luck ... I hope you win the auction!

Traci said...

I don't know how much it is worth either but I really like it. Good luck on Monday's bidding.