Monday, January 3, 2011

The original "boob" light

I was just searching for an image that would resemble a light I am making over and I came across an image I just have to share.  A had a few snickers when I referred to our old kitchen light as a fancy "boob" light.  During my image search today I think I found "The" boob light ... it's antique milk glass so it has to be one of the originals. 

 Anyway, I guess it's the kid in me.  

Stay tuned for the makeover results of our Spiral Shade lamp (similar image below)

Til then,

Happy Blogging!



Erin@likegrandmas said...

Juvenile, yes, but hey I laughed too!

Keswick Country said...

Hi Jo! Thanks for the kind comments. I usually go to the Queensville Antique mall on Woodbine. They have really great hours and there is ALWAYS a million things I want. Where do you normally go?

Keswick Country said...

I love Cobblestones! I haven't been there since the start of summer (she keeps odd hours) but her store is lovely. Have you been to City Cottage in Bomanville? I'm thinking of making the drive someday soon.